La Prudencia bellota Iberian ham comes from our own Ibérico breed of pigs raised free on our Extremadura farms. We feed them exclusively on acorns from the holm oaks and cork oaks typical of a particular and unique pasture.

Our Iberian specimens are carefully selected and excellence is guaranteed through more than 100 years of experience.

La Prudencia bellota Iberian ham follows the traditions of our grandparents that remind us of authentic village flavours. The unique flavour of the acorn is notable for being soft but intense, marbled and unctuous, fine and elegant, sweet and harmonious, a treat for the 5 senses.

Discover the range of formats of our Iberian ham: whole piece Iberian bellota ham, boneless Iberian bellota ham, hand-cut Iberian bellota ham… Discover the authentic taste of Spain!