La Prudencia Quality

We differentiate ourselves based on maximum product quality, both from an organoleptic and microbiological point of view, and for this it is necessary to rely on quality in the processes. La Prudencia has the great advantage of controlling the entire process, from rearing of the pig to the final preparation of its products, eliminating numerous links in the food chain in order to provide you with a safe and quality product.

These manufacturing processes are based on our HACCP System (Hazard analysis and critical control points), a system that allows us at all times to follow the traceability of the product from the farm to the end of the marketing chain, in order to guarantee the hygienic-sanitary quality of the products made for our consumers.

In addition, we comply with Royal Decree 4/2014, which approves the quality standard for Iberian meat, ham, shoulder and cane loin, guaranteeing that the process complies with quality regulations as well as traceability and minimum curing times for the Iberian class.

At international level, we comply with the protocol for the certification of Sistemas de Autocontrol Específicos – SAE (Specific Self-Control Systems) for export to third countries with requirements different to those of the Community within the scope of Royal Decree 993/2014, which establishes the procedure and requirements of official veterinary certification for exportation.