Iberian Pork

In Zafra, (Extremadura), we breed our own Iberian Acorn-fed Pig herd, fed only on the acorns the holm oaks and cork oaks in our meadows offer from November to February during the montanera fattening season. The pigs live in liberty and in perfect harmony with and integrated into the ecosystem, daily eating 9 kg of acorn to fatten more than 90 kg in three months, to a total weight of 180 Kg. After slaughter in Villacastín and following long and very slow curing in the Azálvaro hills, we obtain one of the greatest delicacies of world gastronomy – 100% acorn-fed Iberian hams, shoulders, fillets and chorizos.

Animals that do not reach the 180 kg needed during the montanera will require additional feed, based solely on natural cereals which give them the necessary weight, to then yield extraordinary hams, shoulders, loins and chorizos labelled Iberian.