[content_box title=”Welcome” image=”http://laprudencia.com/wp-content/uploads/bellota02.jpg” icon=”” link=”?page_id=5148″ linktext=”Learn about us”]La Prudencia prepares both Iberian and Serrano Hams, Shoulders and Cold Cuts, using the same production processes…[/content_box]

[content_box title=”Iberian Pork” image=”http://laprudencia.com/wp-content/uploads/icon_cerdo.jpg” icon=”” link=”?page_id=5184″ linktext=”Discover”]In Zafra, (Extremadura), we breed our own Iberian Acorn-fed Pig herd, fed only on the acorns the holm oaks and cork oaks…  [/content_box]

[content_box last=”yes” title=”White Pork”  image=”http://laprudencia.com/wp-content/uploads/icon_cerdo.jpg” icon=””  link=”?page_id=5417″ linktext=”Discover”]Avec des races sélectionnées dans les provinces d’Avila et de Ségovie et une alimentation uniquement composée de céréales naturelles…[/content_box]

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[title size=”2″]Iberian and Serrano Products[/title]

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