In the heart of the Villacastín mountains in Segovia

Prudencio Benito founded La Prudencia en Villacastín (Segovia) in 1910, in the midst of the Campo Azálvaro highlands, to the northwest of the Guadarrama Mountains, a region acknowledged since the fifteenth century for the preparation of products derived from Pork. Even then, according to the chronicles, Christopher Columbus included these delicious meats among the non-perishable foods used on one of humanity’s greatest quests, the Discovery of America.

Don Prudencio, following the century old traditions of the place, set up one of the province’s first slaughterhouses and plants, continuing the region’s artisan and family production customs, setting up an integrated, complete system. Just as then, nowadays the third generation of the family, the founder’s grandchildren, have succeeded in taking up that know-how and way of working, to maintain the criteria which have made our hams and dried meats among the best in Spain, uniting quality and tradition.

Using the most modern technology and facilities, supervised by its own technicians, La Prudencia controls the breeding, feeding, rearing and castration of the animals, that are slaughtered in our installations, where they are quartered. The hams, shoulders and cold cuts are cured in our drying facilities and natural cellars in the middle of the mountains at an altitude of more than 1,100 m. And it is precisely the climate and the geographical conditions of our mountains, along with the low salt content of our products, that are fundamental components of the process. Tough winters and hot summers, along with very slow and lengthy maturing our hams undoubtedly influence the magnificent quality of our pieces.

La Prudencia prepares both Iberian and Serrano Hams, Shoulders and Cold Cuts, using the same production processes for each, positioning the company in Spain as producer of a great, genuinely artisan Serrano Ham, and one of the finest Iberian Hams.