[title size=”1″]Tradition and innovation [/title]

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[title size=”3″]The Plant[/title]

The outside of the new, modern installations for the slaughter and quartering of the pork, for the subsequent elaboration of all our products.

Various views of the processes for the slaughter, quartering and selection of our fresh meats, from carefully selected pigs, and the preparation and curing of our cold cuts.

In our installations, we prepare the cold cuts and hams with raw material drawn solely and exclusively from our slaughterhouse, to give the quality and recognised prestige of all La Prudencia’s products.

The importance and scale of the pieces in our drying facilities and cellar can be seen, in completely natural conditions thanks to the zone’s climatic conditions, altitude and low humidity.

At La Prudencia, we are proud to present our new installations, for the curing of cold cuts and hams, and the opening of our new sales outlet and customer service.


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