Project Description

The Iberian baby loin is made with the piece called the “presa” or “bola” from 100% acorn-fed Iberian pigs. Seasoned and marinated in our traditional ageing process to create unique pieces to be savoured by the most select palates.

  • Characteristics: On cutting, a characteristic colour is seen, from pink to purple-red, with brilliant fat filtrations.
  • Nutritional values (100 g)
    • Energy value: 323 Kcal / 1344 KJ
    • Carbohydrates < 0.8 g of which: Sugars: 0 g
    • Proteins: 34 g
    • Fats 20.7 of which: Saturated: 6.68 g
    • Fibre alimentary: None
    • Sodium: 3.67 g